Case Studies: K Club

Front view of a semi detached home in Waterford
Image of property

Constructed in 2004 in preparation for the 2006 Ryder Cup based in Straffan, Co. Kildare. Architects Brian OHalloran & Associates chose Powerwall System 2 External Insulated Render to successfully insulate and render this flagship golf clubhouse.

The Solution

In order to speed construction a single skin “block on flat” was constructed. Powerwall 60, 80 and 100mm P.I.R. Insulation Boards, to achieve the desired façade, were mechanically fixed using Powerwall Mechanical Fixings. All structural movement joints were carried through using Powerwall Full System Expansion Bead.

Powerwall Stainless Steel Lathe was mechanically fixed back to the substrate using Powerwall Mechanical Fixings. The stainless steel lathe was embedded in a coat of Powerwall Base Coat, 8 – 10mm thick ensuring that all the S.S. was completely covered.

The specification called up a 20 – 25mm round stone as the Wet Dash finish. Powerwall designed the Wet Dash Receiver and Wet Dash Carrier in order to encapsulate this size of stone and provide the desired result. All window bands were achieved by planting on Powerwall 30mm P.I.R. Insulation Boards and finished with Powerwall 1.5mm Sand Finish.

Client Comments

Project architect, Dermott Brennan, when asked why he chose Powerwall External Insulation System for his project said “I could see that my building was completely insulated, eliminating all cold bridging, and providing a maintenance free aesthetic finish”.

Case Study Gallery

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