Case Studies: House in Dalkey, Dublin

Front view of a semi detached home in Dalkey, Dublin.
Image of property

This house was Constructed in 1954 of solid wall construction and had an extension added in 1994 of cavity wall construction but without the use of any insulation materials what so ever!

Having won a €10,000 prize from SelfBuild Ireland Ltd, Moninne Agnew decided to put the money towards a complete upgrade of her homes insulation needs and having firstly contacted our Insulation Supplies Kingspan, they pointed her in the direction of her local Soltherm Insulation Contractor “Eco Thermal Homes Ltd” who set about these insulation upgrades.

The Solution

Having firstly surveyed the property in detail to establish the different wall types that existed as well as attic and flat roof insulation levels it was decided to proceed as follows. The original solid walls were Externally Insulated with 100mm of Kingspan Platinum Eps Insulation and finished with Soltherm Sand Finish Acrylic to the clients desired colour.

The cavity wall sections having been inspected and found to be completely empty were then pumped with 100mm of Kingspan Platinum Bonded Bead Insulation before these wall sections were finished externally with the same Soltherm Sand Finish Acrylic to match the original wall sectons. Finally the attic sections of the home were fitted with 300mm of mineral wool insulation and the rear flat roof section was fitted with 100mm of high density flat roof insulation before a new weather proof finish was applied, completing the full insulation envelope upgrade to the home.

Client Comments

“I am delighted with the way my house not only looks but also performs as well, having dramatically reduced my heating costs”, says Moninne Agnew the home owner and resident.

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