Renders: Render Range

On this page you can find some information about the different types of renders available in PW Thermal Building Solutons Ltd render range.

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Polymer Renders


The polymer render range has been developed with a range of specifications in mind and provides proven hi-tech polymer fibre reinforced renders suitable for most applications.


This range is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects and is regularly used as part of Soltherm's external insulation systems.


The range can be applied to virtually any clean and moisture free surface.


The range provides a virtually maintenance free finish and is available in an extensive range of colours to suit any application.

Mixing & application

The polymer render can be easily applied traditionally or by a render pump just by adding water and paddle mixing or in a traditional mixer on site.


The polymer render range is tried and tested in both residential and industrial environments.

Silicate-Silicone Render with a 1.5 mm grain size (sand finish)

SOLTHERM AF-P+ is a hand applied silicone and silicate ready-mixed render, which provides a decorative and protective thin-coat render finish to exterior walls of new and existing buildings and indoors.

Substrates for which the render is suitable:

  • external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) with EPS boards/panels
  • mineral substrates such as: concrete, cement or cement-lime renders.


  • increased resistance to algal and fungal growth, weather conditions and impact + thermal stress
  • low water absorption
  • extra flexible
  • high colour stability
  • wide colour range
  • easy to work and trowel
  • hand and spray applied
  • component of the SOLTHERM ETICS systems with EPS